Volume & Issue: Volume 51, Issue 1, June 2020 

Research Paper

Torsional wave propagation in 1D and two dimensional functionally graded rod

Pages 1-21


Alireza Amiri; Hossein Rahmani; Mohammad Ahmadi Balootaki

A theoretical model for analysis of ionic polymer metal composite sensors in fluid environments

Pages 21-29


Mohammad Reza Salehi Kolahi; Hossein Moeinkhah

Nonlocal elasticity theory for static torsion of the bi-directional functionally graded microtube under magnetic field

Pages 30-36


Abbas Barati; Saeed Norouzi

Subcooled two-phase flow boiling in a microchannel heat sink: comparison of conventional numerical models

Pages 37-45


Ali Soleimani; Pedram Hanafizadeh; Amirmohammad Sattari

Numerical Study of a Pipe Extension Effect in Draft Tube on Hydraulic Turbine Performance

Pages 46-54


Jafar Nejadali; Alireza Riasi

Pareto Optimal Balancing of Four-bar Mechanisms Using Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm

Pages 55-65


Ghazal Etesami; Mohammad Ebrahim Felezi; Nader Nariman-zadeh

Ultrasonic guided waves reflection from simple dent in pipe for defect rate estimation and parameters determination of axisymmetric wave generation source

Pages 66-71


Pezhman Taghipour birgani

Simulation-based Vibration Sensor Placement for Centrifugal Pump Impeller Fault Detection

Pages 72-80


Alireza Zabihihesari; Farzad A. Shirazi; Alireza Riasi; Mohammad Mahjoob; Erfan Asnaashari

Thermoelastic Response of a Rotating Hollow Cylinder Based on Generalized Model with Higher Order Derivatives and Phase-Lags

Pages 81-90


Amr Hassan; Ahmed Abouelregal; Khalil-M Khalil; Mohamed Nasr

An investigation of tensile strength of Ti6Al4V titanium screw inside femur bone using finite element and experimental tests

Pages 91-97


Peyman Mashhadi Keshtiban; Milad Regbat; Mohsen Mashhadi Keshtiban

Dynamic response determination of viscoelastic annular plates using FSDT – perturbation approach

Pages 98-106


Hamidreza Eipakchi; Saeed Khadem Moshir

Least squares weighted residual method for finding the elastic stress fields in rectangular plates under uniaxial parabolically distributed edge loads

Pages 107-121


Charles C. Ike; Clifford U. Nwoji; Benjamin O. Mama; Hyginus N. Onah; Michael E. Onyia

Investigation of instable fluid velocity in pipes with internal nanofluid flow based on Navier-Stokes equations

Pages 122-128


Mohammad Hosein Fakhar; Ahmad Fakhar; Hamidreza Tabatabaei; Hossein Nouri-Bidgoli

A new approach based on state conversion to stability analysis and control design of switched nonlinear cascade systems

Pages 129-136


Hossein Chehardoli; Mohammad Eghtesad

A new technique for bearing fault detection in the time-frequency domain

Pages 137-143


Behrooz Attaran; Afshin Ghanbarzadeh; Shapour Moradi

An Analytical Solution for Temperature Distribution and Thermal Strain of FGM Cylinders with Varying Thickness and Temperature-Dependent Properties Using Perturbation Technique

Pages 144-156


Mohammad Parhizkar Yaghoobi; Mehdi Ghannad

An Enhanced Finite Element method for Two Dimensional Linear Viscoelasticity using Complex Fourier Elements

Pages 157-169


Seyed Ali Ghazi Mirsaeed; Vahidreza Kalatjari

A New Method for Assessment of Engineering Drawing Answer Scripts Using Fuzzy Logic

Pages 170-183


Hamid Haghshenas Gorgani; Alireza Jahantigh Pak

First Principles Derivation of Displacement and Stress Function for Three-Dimensional Elastostatic Problems, and Application to the Flexural Analysis of Thick Circular Plates

Pages 184-198


Hyginus Nwankwo Onah; Michael Ebie Onyia; Benjamin Okwudili Mama; Clifford Ugochukwu Nwoji; Charles Chinwuba Ike

Attractor Based Analysis of Centrally Cracked Plate Subjected to Chaotic Excitation

Pages 199-212


Sina Jalili; Alireza Daneshmehr

Simultaneous hydroforming of bulge- and T-zone in 304 stainless steel and 70/30 brass tubes

Pages 213-230


afshin ashofteh; Mahmoud Mosavi Mashhadi; sana seifollahpour

Analytical buckling and post-buckling characteristics of Mindlin micro composite plate with central opening by use of nonlocal elasticity theory

Pages 231-238


Majid Jamali; Taghi Shojaee; Bijan Mohammadi

Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Second Grade Magnetohydrodynamics Flow over a Permeable Stretching Sheet

Pages 239-246


Mohsen Javanmard; Mohammad Hasan Taheri; Morteza Abbasi

Review Paper

A brief review on the influences of nanotubes' entanglement and waviness on the mechanical behaviors of CNTR polymer nanocomposites

Pages 247-252


Farzad Ebrahimi; Ali Dabbagh