Research Paper

1. A wave-based computational method for free vibration and buckling analysis of rectangular Reddy nanoplates

Pages 253-274


Ali Zargaripoor; Mansoor Nikkhah bahrami

2. Energy cost minimization in an electric vehicle solar charging station via dynamic programming

Pages 275-280


Mohammad Reza Hajidavalloo; Farzad Ayatolah Zadeh Shirazi; Mohammad Mahjoob

3. Parametric study of nonlinear buckling capacity of short cylinders with Hemispherical heads under hydrostatic pressure

Pages 281-287


Firooz Ahmadi; Mohamad Hoseini

4. Mechanical properties of CNT reinforced nano-cellular polymeric nanocomposite foams

Pages 288-293


Mohammad Babadi; Saeed Momeni Bashusqeh

5. Comparison study between layered and functionally graded composite beams for static deflection and stress analyses

Pages 294-301


Okan Kirlangiç; Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş

6. Elzaki transform method for finding solutions to two-dimensional elasticity problems in polar coordinates formulated using Airy stress functions

Pages 302-310


Charles Chinwuba Ike

7. Analysis of the nonlinear axial vibrations of a cantilevered pipe conveying pulsating two-phase flow

Pages 311-322


Adeshina Adegoke; Omowumi Adewumi; Akin Fashanu; Ayowole Oyediran

8. Influence of Magnetic Wire Positions on free convection of Fe3O4-Water nanofluid in a Square Enclosure Utilizing with MAC Algorithm

Pages 323-331


K VENKATADRI; A shobha; C Venkata Lakshmi; V Ramachandra Prasad; B. Md Hidayathulla Khan

9. Thermoelastic response of microbeams under a magnetic field rested on two-parameter viscoelastic foundation

Pages 332-339


Adam Sidig; Ahmed Abouelregal

10. Size-dependent thermoelastic analysis of rotating nanodisks of variable thickness

Pages 340-360


Abbas Barati; Mehdi Mousavi Khoram; Mohammad Shishesaz; Mohammad Hosseini

11. Flexural behavior of porous functionally graded plates using a novel higher order theory

Pages 361-373


Sidda Bathini; K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

12. Free vibration behavior of bi-directional functionally graded plates with porosities using a refined first order shear deformation theory

Pages 374-388


Sidda Reddy Bathini; Vijaya Kumar Reddy K; Chinna Ankanna B

13. A hybrid scheme of single relaxation time lattice Boltzmann and finite volume methods coupled with discrete ordinates method for combined natural convection and volumetric radiation in an enclosure

Pages 389-402


Rabiaa soualmi; Abderrahmane Benbrik; Denis Lemonnier; Mohammed Cherifi; Mohammed Bouanani

14. The axisymmetric computational study of a femoral component to analysis the effect of titanium alloy and diameter variation.

Pages 403-410


Ana Rita Carreiras; Elza M. M. Fonseca; Diana Martins; Rui Couto

15. Geometrically nonlinear analysis of axially functionally graded beams by using finite element method

Pages 411-416


Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş

16. A refined inverse hyperbolic shear deformation theory for bending analysis of functionally graded porous plates

Pages 417-431


Sidda Reddy Bathini; Vijaya Kumar Reddy K

17. Damped DQE Model Updating of a Three-Story Frame Using Experimental Data

Pages 432-442


Laleh Fatahi; Shapour Moradi; Ali Hajnayeb

18. On the buckling analysis of functionally graded sandwich beams using a unified beam theory

Pages 443-453


Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad; Yuwaraj M. Ghugal

19. A genetic algorithm-based approach for numerical solution of droplet status after Coulomb fission using the energy

Pages 454-463


Mohamad Hamed Hekmat; Morteza Rahmanpour; Mahnaz Mahmoudi; Saleh Saharkhiz

20. Kinetics of swelling of cylindrical functionally graded temperature-responsive hydrogels

Pages 464-471


amir hossein namdar

21. Pull-in behaviors of micro-beam made of bidirectional functionally grade materials based on modified couple stress theory

Pages 472-481


Esmail Zarezadeh; Ali Shirpay

22. Investigation of the effect of angle beam transducer parameters on the lamb wave field in the three–layer plate by normal mode expansion method

Pages 482-485


Pezhman Taghipour Birgani

23. Mechanical behavior analysis of a clamped-clamped micro-beam with stepped viscoelastic layer under electrostatic excitation

Pages 486-497


maryam ghalenoei; Mehdi Zamanian; Behnam Firouzi; seyed ali asghar hosseini


24. Are reported methods for synthesizing nanoparticles and microparticles by magnetic stirrer reproducible?

Pages 498-500


Narges Mahmoodi; Jafar Ai; Zahra Hassannejad; Somayeh Ebrahimi-Barough; Elham Hasanzadeh; Amin Hadi; Houra Nekounam; Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar

Review Paper

25. Review of the application and mechanism of surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (sers) as biosensor for the study of biological and chemical analyzes

Pages 501-509


Vahid Eskandari; Amin Hadi