Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics (JCAMECH)


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About the Journal


The Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics (JCAMECH) is an international research journal, which publishes top-level scientific works. The journal aims to promote the international exchange of new knowledge and recent development information in all aspects of computational and applied mechanics.The subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:

  • Biomechanics
  • Dynamics
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Solid and Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Vehicle System Dynamics
  • Hydromechanics
  • Design and Drafting
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Kinematics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Mechanics
  • Nano and Micro Mechanics
  • Mechatronics, Control and Robotics
  • MEMS and NEMS
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermodynamics and Thermo-science


Journal History


The old name of Journal of Computational Applied Mechanic was Journal of Faculty of Engineering. The Journal of Faculty of Engineering (JFE) has been published since 1962 as one of the oldest scientific journals and important contexts for scientific research and latest findings of the researchers and experts across the country. The Journal has been continuously published in 43 Volumes and 8 issues per year in the Persian language. JFE is proud for transactions of scientific research for half a century to all researchers and scholars. For more information please see :



Journal Policy


The Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics is a fully open access, double-blind peer reviewed, electronic and print, a semiannual publication concerned with appropriate aspects of Mechanical Engineering. JCAMECH publishes original research papers, review papers, case reports, technical notes and short communications. The JCAMECH has an institutional support from University of Tehran and there are no charges either for the article processing or the article submission. 

Research Paper

1. Numerical simulation of the effect of particle size on the erosion damage in ball valves of pressure reducing station

Pages 1-11


Amir Askari; Ali Falavand Jozaei

2. Slip effect on the unsteady electroosmotic and pressure-driven flows of two-layer fluids in a rectangular microchannel

Pages 12-26


Abdul Rauf; Yasir Mahsud

3. Evaluating computational performances of hyperelastic models on supraspinatus tendon uniaxial tensile test data

Pages 27-43


Harry M Ngwangwa; F. Nemavhola

4. Unified refined beam theory applied to the Spectral Finite Element Method for analysis of laminated composites.

Pages 44-60


Hilton Marques Souza Santana; Luis Philipe R. Almeida; Fabio Carlos Da Rocha

5. The Application of Modal Testing for Non-destructive Material Identification of a Car Seat Frame

Pages 61-68


Mohammad Sedaghati; Laleh Fatahi; Shapour Moradi

6. Practical Study and Finite Element Simulation of Production Process of the Bush of Gearbox of Mercedes-Benz 10-Wheel Truck by Closed Die Forging

Pages 69-84


Peyman Mashhadi Keshtiban; Amir Taher; Mohsen Mashhadi Keshtiban

7. Design of steel-wood-steel connections at the ambient and elevated temperature

Pages 85-101


Elza M. M. Fonseca; Vania Silva

8. A new higher-order theory for the static and dynamic responses of sandwich FG plates

Pages 102-125


Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad; Bharti M. Shinde

9. Parametric study of Sandwich Plates with Viscoelastic, Auxetic Viscoelastic and Orthotropic Viscoelastic Core Using a New Higher Order Global-Local Theory

Pages 126-153


Aidin Ghaznavi; Mohammad Shariyat

10. Lateral safety enhancement in a full dynamic vehicle model based on series active variable-geometry suspension

Pages 154-167


Amin Najafi; Masoud Masih-Tehrani

Review Paper

11. A review on the mechanics of inertial microfluidics

Pages 168-192


Daniyal Farajpour



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