Main Subjects = Fluids
Convective MHD Jeffrey Fluid Flow Due to Vertical Plates with Pulsed Fluid Suction: Numerical study

Volume 54, Issue 1, March 2023, Pages 36-48


Murali G; NVN Babu

Radiation effect on the flow of Magneto Hydrodynamic nanofluids over a stretching surface with Chemical reaction

Volume 53, Issue 4, December 2022, Pages 494-509


Gobburu Sreedhar Sarma; Ganji Narender; Kamatam Govardhan

Akbari-Ganji Homotopy Perturbation Method for Analyzing the Pulsatile Blood Flow in Tapered Stenosis Arteries under the Effect of Magnetic Field together with the Impact of Mass and Heat Transfer

Volume 53, Issue 4, December 2022, Pages 543-570


Takia Ahmed Al-Griffi; A.S.J. Al-Saif

Stability analysis of stratified two-phase liquid-gas flow in a horizontal pipe

Volume 50, Issue 2, December 2019, Pages 256-262


Farokh Alipour; Aminreza Noghrehabadi; Alireza Danehdezfuli

A preconditioned solver for sharp resolution of multiphase flows at all Mach numbers

Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 41-53


Pooria Hadikhani; Sahand Majidi; Asghar Afshari

Solving Single Phase Fluid Flow Instability Equations Using Chebyshev Tau- QZ Polynomial

Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 135-139


Aminreza Noghrehabadi; Alireza Daneh Dezfuli; Farokh Alipour

A Theoretical Study of Steady MHD mixed convection heat transfer flow for a horizontal circular cylinder embedded in a micropolar Casson fluid with thermal radiation

Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 165-173


Hani Qadan; Hamzeh Alkasasbeh; Nusayba Yaseen; Mohammed Z. Sawalmeh; Shaima ALKhalafat

Nonlinear stability of rotating two superposed magnetized fluids with the technique of the homotopy perturbation

Volume 49, Issue 2, December 2018, Pages 261-273


Yusry El-Dib; Amail Mady

Unsteady Magneto Hydro Dynamic Flow of a Second Order Fluid over an Oscillating Sheet with a Second Order Slip Flow Model

Volume 47, Issue 2, December 2016, Pages 209-218


Hadi Ramin; mohammad Pourjafar

Four different types of a single drop dripping down a hole under gravity by lattice Boltzmann method

Volume 47, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 89-98


Mohamad Hasan Rahimian; Reza Haghani