Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 4, December 2022, Pages 478-656 

Research Paper

Effects of Joule heating and viscous dissipation on Casson nanofluid flow over a stretched sheet with chemical reaction

Pages 478-493


Madan Mohan Muduly; Pravat Kumar Rath; Pallab Kar; Kharabela Swain

Radiation effect on the flow of Magneto Hydrodynamic nanofluids over a stretching surface with Chemical reaction

Pages 494-509


Gobburu Sreedhar Sarma; Ganji Narender; Kamatam Govardhan

Effect of Electric field Modulation on the Onset of Electroconvection in a Dielectric Fluid Anisotropic Porous Layer

Pages 510-523


Rudresha C; Balaji C; Vidya Shree V; S Maruthamanikandan

Thermal Analysis of a Cylindrical Heat Pipe in a Magnetic Field

Pages 524-542


Mohammadamin Soltaninejad; Ali Akbar Golneshan

Akbari-Ganji Homotopy Perturbation Method for Analyzing the Pulsatile Blood Flow in Tapered Stenosis Arteries under the Effect of Magnetic Field together with the Impact of Mass and Heat Transfer

Pages 543-570


Takia Ahmed Al-Griffi; A.S.J. Al-Saif

Numerical Study on Convective Heat Transfer Characteristics of Single and Hybrid Nanofluids Flow Through Rectangular Conduits Under Turbulent Flow with Uniform Heat Flux

Pages 571-584


Avik Ray; Sumanta Banerjee; Prokash Chandra Roy

Therapeutic applications of Darcy-Forchheimer hybrid nanofluid flow and mass transfer over a stretching sheet

Pages 585-598


Arati Mishra; Kharabela Swain; Suresh Dash

Generalized Integral Transform Method for the Bending Analysis of Clamped Rectangular Thin Plates

Pages 599-625


Charles Chinwuba Ike

Multilayer Hydrogel Seals: Numerical Study of Elastic Leak

Pages 626-638


Ali Akbar Abbasian Arani; Houshang Barkhordari

Effect of Different Kernel Normalization Procedures on Vibration Behaviour of Calibrated Nonlocal Integral Continuum Model of Nanobeams

Pages 639-656


Amin Anjomshoa; Behrooz Hassani