Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 3, September 2022, Pages 309-477 

Research Paper

Exact analytic solution for static bending of 3-D plate under transverse loading

Pages 309-331


Festus Chukwudi Onyeka; Thompson Edozie Okeke; Chidobere D Nwa-David; Benjamin O Mama

Assessment of Radial basis function based meshfree method for the buckling analysis of rectangular FGM plate using HSDT and Strong form formulation

Pages 332-347


Rahul Kumar; Mukesh Singh; Chandan Kumar; Jay Damania; Jigyasa Singh; Jeeoot Singh

Coupled Non-Stationary Thermoelastic Fields In A Rigidly Fixed Round Plate

Pages 348-355


Zhanslu M Kusaeva

Biomechanical differences between individuals with chronic ankle instability, copers and healthy controls in the countermovement jump on the force plate

Pages 356-362


Somayeh Mohamadi; Ailin Talimkhani; Mozhdeh Khalili

Modeling and Simulations of Multi-dimensional Thermal Behaviours of Plates during Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing

Pages 363-378


Olurotimi Adebowale Adeleye; Gbeminiyi Musibau Sobamowo

Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Laboratory Scale Two-Dimensional Hill Using Pressure-Driven Boundary Condition

Pages 379-392


R Lakshman; R Basak

Buckling analysis of 2D functionally graded porous beams using novel higher order theory

Pages 393-413


Chandra Mohana Reddy G; Venu Kumar Nathi

Numerical study of Casson nanofluid over an elongated surface in presence of Joule heating and viscous dissipation: Buongiorno model analysis

Pages 414-430


Kharabela Swain; Manoranjan Mishra; Abha Kumari

A thermo-elastic model with a single relaxation time of an unbounded medium heated by a heat supply and moving vertically

Pages 431-443


Ahmed E. Abouelregal; Ohud A. Al-Ruwaili; Faten A. Alsharari; Sarah A. Alsharari; Ferial A. Almwassr; Adam Zakria

Monotonous, symmetric, and nonsymmetric patterns of porous core in vibration study of nano-composite sandwich plate bonded by piezoelectric sheets

Pages 444-477


M. Pakize; Z. Khoddami Maraghi; M. Irani Rahaghi; S. Niknejad; A. Ghorbanpour Arani