Volume & Issue: Volume 55, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 1-143 

Research Paper

Shock-like Waves with Finite Amplitudes

Pages 1-7


Guojuan Lv; Dan Tian; Min Xiao; Chun-Hui He; JI-Huan He

Improving Product Quality of Wire Drawing Process Using Design of Experiments

Pages 8-25


Mohamed S Abdelwahed; Abdulaziz Alghamdi; Mohamed A Elltaher

Stability Analysis of a Laminated Composite Micro Scaled Beam Embedded in Elastic Medium using Modified Coupled Stress Theory

Pages 26-38


Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş

Performance Study of Partially Heated Annulus Filled with Two-Phase Nanofluid: Energy Perspective

Pages 39-50


Rouzbeh Mahmoudi; Hossein Pourmohamadian; Mostafa Omidi Bidgoli

Behavior of functionally graded semiconducting rod with internal heat source under a thermal shock

Pages 51-61


Praveen Ailawalia; Marin Marin; Harish Nagar

Investigating the Influence of Material Composition on Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Beams Using a 2D Refined Theory

Pages 62-76


Chitour Mourad; Billel Rebai; Khelifa Mansouri; Faicel Khadraoui; Abdelak Berkia; Tidjani Messas

Exploring Three-Dimensional MHD Maxwell Hybrid Nanofluid Flow: A Computational Study on a Stretching sheet

Pages 77-91


Hamzeh Taha Alkasasbeh

MHD mixed convection flow of alumina - water nanofluid into a lid-driven cavity with different patterns of wavy sidewalls

Pages 92-112


Ahmed Kadhim Hussein; Watit Pakdee; Mohamed Bechir Ben Hamida; Bagh Ali; Farhan Lafta Rashid; Uddhaba Biswal; Muataz S. Alhassan

Parametric Analysis for Torque Prediction in Friction Stir Welding Using Machine Learning and Shapley Additive Explanations

Pages 113-124


Sif Eddine Belalia; Mohamed Serier; Raheem Al-Sabur

Bi-Directional Thermo-Elastic Analysis of Pressurized Thick Cylindrical Shell with Nonlinear Variable Thickness

Pages 125-143


Fatemeh Ramezani; Mohammad Zamani Nejad; Mehdi Ghannad