Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 3, September 2021 

Research Paper

Thermo-elastic creep analysis and life assessment of rotating thick pressurized cylindrical shells using third-order shear deformation theory

Pages 366-393


Tahereh Taghizadeh; Mohammad Zamani Nejad

Viscoelastic effects on nonlinear dynamics of microplates with fluid interaction based on consistent couple stress theory

Pages 394-407


Masoud Ajri; Mir Masoud Seyyed Fakhrabadi; Hamidreza Asemani

A comparative study of crack detection in nanobeams using molecular dynamics simulation, analytical formulations, and finite element method

Pages 408-422


Seyyed Sajad Mousavi Nejad Souq; Faramarz Ashenai Ghasemi; Mir Masoud Seyyed Fakhrabadi

Effect of wind velocity and flare height parameters on pollution dispersion from one flare with zonal method

Pages 423-432


Alireza Sayar; Ali Falavand Jozaei

An analytical solution for nonlinear vibration of floating plate on the fluid by modified multiple scales method

Pages 433-450


Farzaneh Rabiee; Ali Asghar Jafari

A Nonlinear Error Compensator for FDM 3D Printed Part Dimensions Using a Hybrid Algorithm Based on GMDH Neural Network

Pages 451-477


Hamid Haghshenas Gorgani; Hossein Korani; Reihaneh Jahedan; Sharif Shabani

Forced vibration of a magnetoelastic laminated composite beam on Pasternak’s foundation

Pages 478-497


Ashraf M. Zenkour; Hela D. El-Shahrany

Preparation of cationized albumin nanoparticles loaded indirubin by high pressure hemogenizer.

Pages 498-506


Houra Nekounam; Rassoul Dinarvand; Rahele Khademi; Fatemeh Asghari; Narges Mahmoodi; Hossein Arzani; Elham Hasanzadeh; Amin Hadi; Roya Karimi; Morteza Kamali; Masood Khosravani

Nonlocal effect on the axisymmetric nonlinear vibrational response of nano-disks using variational iteration method

Pages 507-534


Mojtaba Shariati; Mohammad Shishesaz; Reza Mosalmani; Seyed Alireza Seyed Roknizadeh; Mohammad Hosseini

Review Paper

A review on stress-driven nonlocal elasticity theory

Pages 535-552


Mojtaba Shariati; Mohammad Shishesaz; Hossein Sahbafar; Mortaza Pourabdy; Mohammad Hosseini