Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 2, June 2021 

Research Paper

Influence of load-level and effective thickness on the fire resistance of composite slabs with steel deck

Pages 193-205


Lucas Santos; Paulo A.G. Piloto; Carlos Balsa; Erica A. Kimura

A new calculation method for the temperature of the components of composite slabs under fire

Pages 206-214


Paulo A.G. Piloto; Carlos Balsa; Fernando Ribeiro; Ronaldo Rigobello

Determination of hydraulic characteristics of flow over a triangular sectioned weir by using experimental and numerical modeling.

Pages 215-232


Ali Yildiz; Ali Ihsan Marti; Mustafa Gogus

Vibration of inhomogeneous fibrous laminated plates using an efficient and simple polynomial refined theory

Pages 233-245


Mokhtar Bouazza; Ashraf M. Zenkour

Effects of Annulus Geometry and Liquid Properties on the Well Conditions during UBD Operation

Pages 246-255


Saeed Ghobadpouri; Iman Zamani; Ali Falavand Jozaei

Free vibration analysis of the cracked post-buckled axially functionally graded beam under compressive load

Pages 256-270


Emadaldin Sh Khoram-Nejad; Shapour Moradi; Mohammad Shishesaz

A two-phase hybrid product design algorithm using learning vector quantization, design of experiments, and adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface systems to optimize geometric form in view of customers’ opinions

Pages 271-296


Hamid Haghshenas Gorgani; Ehsan Partovi; Mohammad Ali Soleimanpour; Mohammad Abtahi; Alireza Jahantigh Pak

Replacing friction model with interaction between particles in analyzing orthogonal and rotational cutting processes using SPH method

Pages 297-306


Mohammad Dehghani; Ali Reza Shafiei

Size dependent nano-spherical pressure vessels based on strain gradient theory

Pages 307-319


Esmail Zarezadeh; Mehdi Najafzadeh; abbas barati

Investigation on the effect of metal foam properties on the PCM melting performance subjected to various heat fluxes

Pages 320-331


Aminreza Noghrehabadi; Amin Samimi Behbahan; C.P. Wong; Morteza Behbahani-Nejad

Numerical Investigations of Two-Phase Flow on a Stepped Spillway under Various Conditions

Pages 332-349


Ehsan Parhizgar; Zafar Namazian

Review Paper

Review of Enhanced Oil Recovery Decision Making in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs: Fluid Flow and Geomechanics Mechanisms

Pages 350-365


Seydeh Hosna Talebian; Ahmad Fahimifar; Amin Heidari