A new calculation method for the temperature of the components of composite slabs under fire

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Polytechnic Institute of Bragança; Bragança; Portugal

2 Federal University of Technology - Paraná; Campo Mourão; Brazil


Composite steel-concrete slabs are structural elements composed of a profiled steel deck which acts as a permanent formwork to the concrete topping. This layer is commonly reinforced with individual rebars and an anti-crack mesh. The Annex D of the EN 1994-1-2 provides guidelines for the calculation of the temperature of the steel components of composite slabs subjected to the standard fire. However, no revisions were made to these calculation rules during the last years. This paper proposes a new method for the estimation of the temperature of the parts of the steel deck and the rebars as well. The proposed methodology is derived from numerical analyses using a 3-D finite element model, considering perfect thermal contact between the materials.


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Volume 52, Issue 2
June 2021
Pages 206-214
  • Receive Date: 28 December 2020
  • Revise Date: 27 January 2021
  • Accept Date: 28 January 2021
  • First Publish Date: 07 May 2021