Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 1-128 

Research Paper

Defects and Structural Analysis of Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes via Ball milling and Cryo-milling

Pages 1-9


Shahab Azimi; Abbas Rastgoo; Sorena Sattari; Alimorad Rashidi

A damage model incorporating dynamic plastic yield surface

Pages 11-24


Mehdi ganjiani

From Passive Dynamic Walking to Passive Turning of Biped walker

Pages 24-34


Mohammad Reza Sabaapour; Mohammad Reza Hairi Yazdi; Borhan Beigzadeh

A finite elements study on the role of primary cilia in sensing mechanical stimuli to cells by calculating their response to the fluid flow

Pages 35-44


Amirhossein Abbasszadeh Rad; Bahman Vahidi

Application of Halpin-Tsai Method in Modelling and Size-dependent Vibration Analysis of CNTs/fiber/polymer Composite Microplates.

Pages 45-52


Ali Ghorbanpour Arani; Hassan Baba Akbar Zarei; Elham Haghparast

Techno-Economy Study of wind energy in Khvaf in Razavi Khorasan Province in Iran

Pages 53-66


Seyed Erfan Hosseinidoost; Amirmohammad Sattari; Mohammadreza Eskandari; Dara Vahidi; Pedram Hanafizadeh; Pouria Ahmadi

On the onset of triple-diffusive convection in a layer of nanofluid

Pages 67-77


G. C. Rana; Ramesh Chand; Veena Sharma; Abhilasha Sharda

Designing and implementation of an unmanned aerial vehicle for inspection of electricity distribution networks

Pages 79-87


Mohammad Hosein Salimi; Majid Roshanfar

Four different types of a single drop dripping down a hole under gravity by lattice Boltzmann method

Pages 89-98


Mohamad Hasan Rahimian; Reza Haghani

Parametric investigation of autofrettage process in thick spherical vessel made of functionally graded materials

Pages 99-107


Aliasghar Ataee; Saeed Farahmand

Sessile and Pendant Micro-Liter Drops Evaporate at Different Rates: An Experimental Approach

Pages 109-119


Mathew Moore; Alidad Amirfazli; Seyed Farshid Chini

Numerical Analysis of explosion effects on the redistribution of residual stresses in the underwater welded pipe

Pages 121-128


Amirhossein Bayat; Rasoul Moharami