Author = babaei, masoud
A review on structural response and energy absorption of sandwich structures with 3D printed core

Volume 54, Issue 4, December 2023, Pages 623-644


Rouhollah Hosseini; Masoud Babaei; Alireza Nadaf Oskouei

The influences of various auxetic cores on natural frequencies and forced vibration behavior of sandwich beam fabricated by 3D printer based on third -order shear deformation theory

Volume 54, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 285-308


Rouhollah Hosseini; Masoud Babaei; Alireza Naddaf Oskouei

Shear buckling response of FG porous annular sector plate reinforced by graphene platelet subjected to different shear loads

Volume 54, Issue 1, March 2023, Pages 68-86


Mojtaba Khatoonabadi; Mohammad Jafari; Faraz Kiarasi; Mohammad Hosseini; Masoud Babaei; Kamran Asemi

Functionally graded saturated porous structures: A review

Volume 53, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 297-308


Masoud Babaei; Faraz Kiarasi; Kamran Asemi; Mohammad Hosseini

Dynamic analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube (FGCNT) reinforced composite beam resting on viscoelastic foundation subjected to impulsive loading

Volume 53, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-23


Faraz Kiarasi; Ali Asadi; Masoud Babaei; Kamran Asemi; Mohammad Hosseini

A review on functionally graded porous structures reinforced by graphene platelets

Volume 52, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 731-750


faraz kiarasi; masoud babaei; Pouya Sarvi; kamran asemi; mohammad hosseini; Mostafa Omidi Bidgoli