Effect of different aero-structural optimization in the commercial airplane

Document Type : Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran.


Aircraft wing design using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) techniques is a complex task that involves different disciplines, mainly aerodynamic and structure. This study develops and explores a coupled aero-structural multidisciplinary model that optimizes the performance of CRJ-700 aircraft, taking into account its path-dependent behavior. Two approaches, namely distributed and monolithic architectures, are available to achieve this aim. The decomposition strategies employed in these architectures differ and can significantly impact the design process. Therefore, comparing these methods can assist designers in understanding the design cost and accuracy of the results obtained. Eventually, optimizing the aircraft problem involved leveraging two methods: Multidisciplinary feasible (MDF) and Collaborative optimization (CO). Finally, the results obtained by two approaches; CO gives a high range value; MDF will be converged after 6013 times of the call function; but the number of call functions in the system-level of CO is around 4000 and the average of it for aerodynamic and structure optimizers are around 500 and 20, respectively. The range of the optimum wing of MDF approach raise about 41% and for CO approach raise about 66% compared to the baseline wing ranges.


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June 2023
Pages 268-284
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